Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Internal EEE mod 2 more usb ports

Johnx over at came up with a mod that gives you 2 extra usb ports. It is a very neat mod and uses space that is already open for the secondary mini pci-e card. There is some soldering involved but once this mod is complete you can add internal bluetooth and a 16GB flash drive. (or just about any usb device that will fit). This will increase your HD space on the EEE to 20 gigs!

Here is the article:


I have completed my first Eee PC modification, this modification adds Bluetooth functionality and 16GB of flash storage.

At first I intended to solder the two USB devices directly to the motherboard but after careful consideration I decided the ability to easily replace the modules should take priority.

Both ports are 5V and use the USB connections from the unused Mini PCI Express port and the USB connections from the Mini PCI Express port used by the wireless card.

Thanks to everyone on this board who guided me along the way on my first Eee PC mod!

Parts Used:

30 AWG Wire
Lots of patience
2 * Surface mount USB ports
Microsoft Bluetooth Adapter
Healthy fear of turning your Eee into steaming pile of burnt PCB
Corsair Flash Voyager 16GB

Pictures: (you can click to download a high res version)

Here is the origional thread:


Anonymous said...

Does this have a noticeable effect on the battery (especially with a usb key constantly connected)?

Anonymous said...

is there any way to increase the 4GB SSD of the 4G? so that i can also install anti virus software and other important stuff?

Anonymous said...

stick with Linux - the default Xandros or others, and you don't need anti-virus software!

Anonymous said...

Forget Xandros, its a nightmare to add anything to unless you want to get involves with programming.The best thing to do is Buy a 2gb ram stick from crucial for around £35 and an Adata 16gb sd card £40 from ebay & Install xp. i did it with a full xp installation in around an hour. I made sure that i did'nt install any other languages (which is an option during installation) & i've since deleted the games sample music & pictures files & other apps that i did'nt need. Total installation 1.5 gig !if you install service pack 3 it will nearly fill your 4gb ssdrive so i would'nt bother with it. You can always install your anti virus and just about anything else on your 16gb sd memory card. Job done!

Carlos Gabriel Arpini said...

Actually I installed WinXP with SP3 and simply remove temporary instalation files with Windows Update Remover. After that I installed anti-virus and Office 2003 with the latest SP, all in the 4 GB SSD. And I have left 0.5 gb free. Also installed Adode Flash, JVM and Acrobat Reader.
Of course that my personal files are kept in a SD card.

Anonymous said...

I NEED HELP!!! I bought an Eee PC & it won't read my usb key- I changed the formatting to FAT 32 but it still doesn't work. Is there something wrong with my PC or am I just an idiot that doesn't know how to open it?? Please get back to me.

Alex said...

Hi, veri nice guide, I will do it in next days.
Anywy, why don't you have Feed RSS on your site? It can be usefull for a lot of internet navigators...

Alex said...

"VERY NICE"! Sorry.

synco said...

can i upgrade the ram memory?

VigRX Plus said...

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