Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Easy VPN for your Asus EEE pc using Hamachi

Access your shared home network files from anywhere you have an internet connection using the hamachi VPN software.

Using hamachi (thanks to Kermee at eeeuser forums for telling me about this program) you can access a network share on your home pc over the internet on your EEEpc.

First step is to download hamachi:

Then install it on both your home pc and your EEE pc

Now on your home pc open hamachi
Yes I know mine looks different just ignore that for right now and click the power icon in the lower left hand side.

Great now that it is online you need to click the triangle shaped icon on the right hand side and select "create a new network"
Enter a name for your network (something unique that you can remember) and a password. Click create.

Good, now we are done with your home pc go over to your EEEpc now. In the main hamachi window (remember you installed it on both computers!) click the power button in the lower left corner and once it goes online click the triangle button in the lower right side. This time instead of creating a network we are going to join an existing network (the one you created on your home pc in previous steps)
Enter the network name and password you chose on your home pc and click join.
That's it, folders you have shared on your home pc should show in your "my network places" folder in windows or as an aternative from the main hamachi window you can right click the green dot next to the number and computer name (see the first picture in this tutorial) and click browse.

Good luck and sorry I won't teach you how to create network shares in windows there are other sites for that sort of thing, google it.


Anonymous said...

you got only a limited network of 15 ppl with the free version :(

Nick said...

damn dude how many computers do you have?

Anonymous said...

this is assuming that your eeepc is running XP

Anonymous said...

thats a nice thing, but logmein just sucks.!

Anonymous said...

its a bitmore difficult to setup a free ftp server, but then u can access it with almost any browser regardles what os. or just use dropbox if u need to share no more then 2gb to share.

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